Saturday, May 16, 2015

A $2 Box

This box was pretty bad, filled almost entirely with junk wax. I told Al I wasn't interested in this one but he offered to take $2 for it, and there was a small handful of Upper Deck Vintage in there, so I decided to take it for $2. There ended up being only about 20 cards that were not junk wax, so I think $2 was a fair price.

Everyone remembers Jim Abbott, the first major league pitcher with one hand. No one remembers that Chad Bentz was the second. I had never even heard of the guy until well after his career ended.
 This is a pretty cool looking insert, from 1995 Fleer.
 This was a real oddball find, "Yahoo Presents Rawlings". There were Fact Cards #1 and #2 about the making of baseball gloves.

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  1. I really like the 1993 Yoo-hoo baseball card design. As for Bentz... never heard of him. Thanks for sharing.