Saturday, May 30, 2015

A street box with "minis"

Back when I started buying those $3 boxes from Al he said that if I bought them all he would "throw in some minis". I don't think he's done with the boxes but he threw in the envelope yesterday anyway.

Here are the "MINNNIIIISSS":
 Yeah not exactly Allen & Ginter here. Still, I suppose I might need some of the '90 Score MVPs. Does anyone collect these? The sticker cards still have the stickers on them. I might be interested in trading for some sticker books that don't have the stickers in them. Unfortunately I did not keep the ones I had when I was a kid, but I've accumulated a fair amount over the years.
 He also threw in what I guess you would call some "Maxis". The Jeff Conine card on the bottom right is a standard sized card. The other cards are all considerably larger. There were triplicates of the Ben Grieve so two are also up for trade. The autographed basketball card is also up for trade. It's a bit beat up, but it comes from a 1995 Classic autograph set, so it should be legit, at least. Arthur Agee never played in the NBA but was the subject of a well-known documentary film called "Hoop Dreams".

Maybe as we get to the end of the box Al is being less discerning about what he weeds out - there were a lot of Mets and Yankees this time, including sets shiny...
 ...and obscure.
There was a lot of junk wax (but much more good stuff). Unless someone wants these (lots of 90 UD here) I am going to try one more stab at #RandomActsOfCardness. Maybe with a bigger selection I'll get someone willing to put it up on twitter. Walt Weiss rookie card anyone?

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