Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wallet Card following Joe DiMaggio

Time to make the wallet cards a little baseball related.  Here it is at a couple of the former residences of Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio.

During his playing career he lived for a while at the New Yorker Hotel on Eighth Avenue. I have to admit that when I would see the famous sign I thought it was the headquarters for New Yorker Magazine.

He also lived at The Whitby apartments on 45th Street. (As you can tell by the snow I took this one a few weeks ago.)

From 1972 until the bank's demise in 1992, DiMaggio did television commercials for The Bowery Savings Bank. Though the bank hasn't existed in more than twenty years it's name can still be found on a building on 42nd Street, across from Grand Central, now home to a restaurant.

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