Friday, March 20, 2015

Chris Dickerson is producing his own line of baseball cards

Earlier this month Blue Jays outfielder Chris Dickerson shared some of his sports card memories with this blog. It turns out he is also putting out his own line of baseball cards, and it sounds pretty cool. He kindly sent me some pictures of one of the cards.

"I forgot to tell you about some cards we did last year with an enviromental company called ECOR. The baseball cards are made out of used baseball material (bats, baseballs, and jerseys)."


  1. With that texture, it looks like a bandage. It's a cool idea. Topps should be making all of their Heritage cards out of recycled materials since they're supposed to be on the brown card stock anyway.

  2. Did he pass along how we all can support his card making efforts and buy those?