Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Second box from Broadway Al

Picked up my second $3 box from Al, the baseball card street vendor yesterday. The box wasn't quite as good as the first one, only maybe a quarter of it was baseball, but there were still probably 100 cards in there I needed, so easily worth the $3.

One thing with these boxes is that I am picking up a ton of basketball cards, which I really don't want. There are a few teams that are going to people in the Trade-A-Thon, but if anyone out there collects cards of an NBA team or teams let me know and I will put those aside for you. Even better, if there is anyone who collects basketball broadly and has baseball cards to trade, let me know and I will send you a big box of basketball cards, and only ask for a small package of baseball cards in return.

There was also a lot of football in the box, but I am starting to passively build up a football card collection so I'm keeping most of them. If anyone is collecting any mid-00's football sets let me know though. Particularly a lot of 2006 Topps duplicates in this particular box.

Still a lot of great baseball cards, though. A few highlights:

When I first saw this card I thought there was a big tree behind Bret Boone.
 Speaking of foliage, you often see palm trees in the background of spring training shots, but rarely do you see cacti.
 There are a lot of great super-soaker Jose Rijo cards, but I'd never seen this one before. It is the back of a Stadium Club Members Only card.

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