Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Awesome cards from Baseball Card Breakdown

Defgav of Baseball Card Breakdown sent me a small flat-rate jammed with awesome cards, all the kind of randomness I love. There were a lot of Padres, probably extras that he gets and doesn't need. That's probably a good idea for me to look for when trading with team collectors, get some of their random dupes. I collect everything and love them all!

There was too much to show here, so I'll just show some of the highlights, the hits and the stuff I had seen but never had before.

Gav recently made some awesome custom card-magnets from the "Springfield Nine" episode of The Simpsons. I must admit I had rarely watched the show after the first couple of seasons, but have started getting back into it recently.
 And a "blog-used button"!
 Very cool when a memorabilia card tells you exactly when the piece of memorabilia was used. Now whenever I go back to read "The future of sticker autos" I'll know I have a piece of the shirt that helped create it.
 It's pretty hard these days to find a type of set I'd never had before, so it's really impressive that Gavin came up with three. Being on the east coast, I'd never had a Mother's Cookies card. It's got a bit of a minor-league feel (in a good way) with the pitcher wearing eye-black, and with a team he's not generally thought of as being with. I think of Smith as a Brave and a Met but he did spend a year and a half as a Padre.
 This was a set put out in 1991 with everyone who ever played with the Orioles. I'd seen these on blogs before but never thought I'd get any. I find this set interesting, and also should probably scout out the sets put out for the Dodgers (that GCRL showcases every week) and the one for the Yankees put out by The Wiz at about the same time. In these sets you can tell they struggle to get photos of the obscure players. Looks like a private eye with a telephoto lens took this shot.
 Finally, my first 2015s! I never buy retail anymore, I just get all my new cards by trade. Works out pretty well. This is my first card of the newest Yankee starting pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi.


  1. Glad you like the cards and thanks for the trade!

  2. The blog-used button scares me. I have visions of Topps coming out with an Allen & Ginter relic for this year's set of a key from a computer keyboard and claiming that it came from someone's (fill in the blank)-used keyboard...