Monday, October 20, 2014

Huge Haul Part IV: Football hits

First off, an update on that Ivan Rodriguez painting I showed yesterday. This one:

It turns out it comes from the 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball set. Here is what the actual card looks like:
If anyone has this card I would love to trade for it. Apparently in 2003 Upper Deck had a contest to give away the original art for each card in the Play Ball set. This one was painted by Artist Christopher Paluso. Looking online, there are eBay auctions right now for the Todd Helton painting for $400 and the Carlos Delgado painting for $225. I don't have a COA or anything but the frame on my painting is the same as those, so I am going to assume mine is legit. It's cool to have a painting worth over $100 but even cooler to have original baseball card art.

This painting was many things the guy was just throwing into the second box he sold me. That box contained about 800 "hit cards" from football and baseball - numbered, refractored, inserts, vintage, autographs, jersey cards, etc. The football hits actually probably surpassed the baseball hits in quantity and quality. Here are some highlights:

Very little from this box would be up for trade. However I did notice several copies of this Chrome Peyton Manning card.
 I've loved tight ends ever since Mark Bavaro. Here are jerseys from two great ones.
 A very cool vintage oddball - from 1976 Wonder Bread.
 I'd forgotten Ronnie Lott was a Jet. Great player.
 Very cool to get an autograph of Mathias Kiwanuka, one of the great Giants of recent years.
 And a patch card of one of the greatest Giants of all time!
 When the guy was telling me about the box he specifically mentioned a Leon Washington rookie autograph. I was hoping it was the one where he is flipping a double bird. Still, this one is pretty cool.
 Always cool to get a jersey card of a hall of famer.
 Oldest football card now in my collection - this one is from 1964 Topps.


  1. Hello I am the artist Christopher Paluso. If you need a COA on the original just let me know and give me an address to send it to. Yes UpperDeck had insert cards telling you had won an original painting and then you contact them and they sent the framed original to you.

    Christopher Paluso