Sunday, October 19, 2014

Huge Haul Part III: Non-sport and non-card stuff

The guy I bought the two lots of cards from was basically just trying to make room in his apartment. As a result, he started "throwing in" a lot of stuff into the big plastic tub that had some of the cards in it. There was a great variety of interesting and unusual things here, some of which I am keeping but others are up for trade.

This first set was actually in the first lot, but fits better here. It was a ton of cards (maybe the whole set) from the 1991 Gulf War set. So weird to have a trading card set about a war going on while it was happening. This is up for trade if anyone wants it.
  I saw this 1998 Yankee Valentino and thought that it sounded familiar. I figured it was just hyped a lot during the beanie baby craze.
 Then I looked at the back of the card inside the case. It turns out that this is one of the Beanie Babies given out at Yankee Stadium the day David Wells threw a perfect game against the Twins. This one is a keeper.
 There was a ton more beanie baby stuff which is up for trade if anyone wants it.
 Some other really random non-sport trading card sets (all up for trade if anyone is interested): Harlem Globetrotters, Valiant Comics, Beetlejuice the Animated Series, and the Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick. That last one really surprised me - they made trading cards for it?

 Apparently they also made trading cards for the movie Hook. Again, up for trade if anyone has anyone wants them.
 Probably the weirdest thing the guy threw in were two sets of Butthedz Presents Miss Masters Spoofy Tunes. This were apparently made in Canada by an artist named Dave Dawson, and they present gross or salacious interpretations of the news and pop culture. Think South Park meets Garbage Pail Kids.
 Here is an example of the level of artwork and humor:

 Here's one they did that rips on card collectors. Kind of funny actually.

 These two sets are up for trade if anyone wants them.

There were four Becketts from the mid-2000 with Yankee or Met covers (Ryan, Reyes, Rodriguez and Jeter). If there is interest in trading for these let me know.
 Also to trade is this hardcover book from 1991 called Elevating the Game: Black Men and Basketball.
 It is not autographed but does contain a lot of press information so it's kind of interesting.
 These last two items I'm probably going to keep. This is an original Ivan Rodriguez painting, apparently a give-away from some card. I thought the guy said the artist's name was Peluso. Anyone know anything about this.
 Finally, also framed, was this photo of Hank Greenberg that was apparently given out in copies of Baseball Magazine during his playing career. Looking at eBay it's apparently from 1935 and goes for about $50 today, but I'm not trading or selling such a cool piece of memorabilia.

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  1. That's some eclectic stuff. I do like the Hank Greenberg photo.