Saturday, October 29, 2011


I grew up in a family of Yankee fans, but the Cardinals have always been our National League team. This goes back to the 1940s when my uncle decided he didn't want to root for one of the three NY teams and picked the Cardinals as a front-runner, then stayed with them ever since. Therefore I was happy that, if the Yankees couldn't advance, at least I'd have a team to root for. I wasn't expecting much and was shocked that they knocked off Philly, and like everyone else I couldn't believe what happened in Game 6.

I remember being so disappointed as a kid when they blew the 1987 World Series, letting the Twins beat them up in Games 6 and 7. I also remember having a lot of fun watching them upset the hated Mets in 2006. Now I have another great Cardinals memory.

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