Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Cones, One Flavor

In one of the all-Yankee assorted card packs I picked up the other day, I got these two David Cone cards, 1996 Leaf and 1996 Leaf Studio, almost back to back. Notice anything similar?

It's not exactly the same picture, but it's darn close. The pictures feature Coney at Milwaukee County Stadium. The game must be September 27, 1995, his last start of the regular seasons. Cone won the game, pitching eight innings and only giving up one run, as the Yankees continued their amazing September on their way to wrap up the AL Wild Card and their first post-season appearance in fourteen years. Cone allowed one run on six hits in eight innings, before turning the ball over to Rick Honeycutt (bet you forgot he was a Yankee for a stint) for the ninth.

1 comment:

  1. That could even be different shutter frames from the same pitch. The arm angle is different as he's coming through the pitch, but the relationship to the stadium wall decal in the background (partially obscured on the Studio card) is in the same plane. It would be hard at another point in the game to catch Cone at the same position on the mound and the camera in the same position (even accounting for a tripod) because the photographer surely repositioned to photograph other players (such as John Jaha, Dave Nilsson or Gerald Williams).