Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball card memories from Mike Bacsik

Yesterday I got some great stories from Mike Bacsik, who pitched for the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins for five years between 1975 and 1980. Mike also talks about the collection of his son Mike, who has pitched for the Indians, Mets, Rangers, and most recently, the Nationals. "I am a small card collector, but growing up I spent all my extra money on cards (3 packs for 13 cents) and comic books (10 cents). I had all the Spiderman and Dare Devil ~ first 25 books. I bet you've heard this one before. Unfortunately my mom threw them all away when I was at college. Mostly because my 5 year older brother Joe still "played" with them on a regular basis. That was the end of a great collection, lots of Mantles and 50's and early 60's cards.
My son, Michael, was brought up with cards. We regularly went to card shows and he has a nice collection. He still collects at age 31. Michael is best known for giving up Barry Bonds record breaking home run. Michael has a son Jake, aged 9 months, who already has some cards. Michael has also bought some 86 and 87 boxes at discount prices that they will open on those rainy days when Jacob gets older. That is great fun with a kid! We did it many times in the past (great memories)." 

"My favorite player was a pitcher for the Tigers, Frank Lary. I think I have all his Tiger cards, mostly PSA 6's. My favorite cards would be of my son. After that My favorite that I own is the Mickey Mantle card with the stars behind it, Topps 1958 # 487 in a PSA 6. I also collect my hero's cards, Dr. Bobby Brown, who is the most accomplished person (that was a baseball player) of all time. Dr Brown was Yogi's roommate, great in the World Series, multiple WS championship rings, Marilyn Monroe's personal doctor in Japan, a heart doctor, American League president, and a great guy."
"Best card collection I've seen is Demetri Young's of the Washington Nationals. He has Rookie card PSA 10's of all the greats.
My son gets mad at me for buying PSA 6's but that's all I can afford and I just like the cards for what they are and not an investment because I won't ever sell them, I'll just give them to my son or grandson. I guess that's why he wants me to buy higher graded cards. ha ha!"
Thanks, Mike!

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