Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Vintage backgrounds: New York, New York

In 1974 the Yankees played their home games at Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium was remodeled. Some Yankee Stadium shots from prior years managed to sneak into the '75 set. I picked Terry Crowley because it has the added incongruity of a National Leaguer at Yankee Stadium. Despite playing all of 1974 with the Reds, Topps still airbrushed an old card of him with the Orioles.
 Here's an example of a Yankee at home at Shea Stadium, which always looks weird to me.

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  1. Interesting point on that Crowley. There are a lot of "impossible" cards like that, where someone's playing in the wrong league (pre-interleague play) or in a home uniform in the wrong park.