Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cards and vintage things: Socony Mobil Oil

Socony stood for Standard Oil Co. of N.Y. Standard Oil was later known as Esso and now Exxon. I got this 1959 Socony envelope as part of my Don & Chris Old Stuff order a while back. I paired it with a card from the 1993 Megacards Babe Ruth set. After a disastrous 1922 World Series the Bambino spent the offseason on a farm, chopping wood and shoveling snow, to clear his head and regain his form. During that winter he posed in the farm holding several Socony cans.


  1. that is great that you found a card showing the oil cans. i was a bit confused by ruth's hair at first, but upon closer inspection i see it is a hat.

  2. Creative pairing! Old Stuff website = danger.

  3. Nice combo. Hadn't heard that Ruth story before.