Monday, July 6, 2020

Cardboard Cousins: 1961 Topps/2010 Heritage

Looks like in 2010, Topps followed the '61 set very closely for the first 200 cards or so, then petered out except for the checklists. Here are the cases where I have the match for each set.

#361 Fifth Series Checklists. The '61 set had photos from a random game in Wrigley Field on the checklists; the '10 set had photos from the 2009 World Series. Both look great.
 #273 4th Series Checklist.
 #199 KC hitters.
 #196 Cubs infielders.
 #178 Cardinals outfielders.
 #174 Washington pitchers.
 #165 Pirates outfielders.
 #132 The last two White Sox managers to win a pennant
 #130 Dodgers first basemen.
 #119 KC multi-player cards
 #116 Yankees infielders
 #102 Orioles outfielders.
 #100 Pirates pitchers.
 #93 Phillies outfielders.
 #77 All-star rookie pitchers
#73 Braves outfielders

 #72 Giants pitchers
 #60 Indians shortstops
 #36 Twins pitchers


  1. Never seen that A's Big Armor card before. Gonna need to track down a copy for the collection.

  2. I'm impressed at how often Topps matches these up. Also, did you mark the 2010 checklists or were they marked when you got them? I dont think I've seen a marked modern checklist but it does give the card some character.