Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Free cards from Dime Boxes

Nick from Dime Boxes has been giving away quite an eclectic mix of cards in his recent Free Card Fridays. Lots of fun! Here are my recent claims:

Vintage cards! Holtzman is an OPC.
 Eighties oddballs! I may be more excited for these than for the vintage. I have very few pre-1986 minor league cards in my collection. I also love Broder cards, and the Randy Lerch is a Canadian oddball I'd never seen before. Stuart was a Montreal-based bakery, kind of a French-Canadian Hostess.
 I picked a few modern cards too. Some Yankee fan favorites and a very shiny Panini card highlight this bunch.


  1. I also love '70s/early '80s minor league cards. You got that Marty Stuart right before me.

  2. The '60 Mazeroski and the Buhner Yankee card are very cool.