Friday, July 10, 2020

Contest winnings plus more

I was one of the lucky winners at a recent contest at Chavez Ravining. My prize was this autographed card of Lance McCullers Jr. I remember his dad as part of the Yankees' disastrous Jack Clark trade. Great looking card.
 Alex also threw in some other cards from my wantlist. Here are some Bowman cards, mostly errors of one kind or another. Look carefully at Ervin Santana's facsimile autograph on the lower right.
 Also, a few of my needs from the 2019 Topps Opening Day set.


  1. That Johan/Ervin error went totally unnoticed by me!

  2. I'll have to check my dupes box for any OD singles you need. If I find any I'll stick them in a PWE along with your FSF claims.

  3. Topps have no quality control of Johan Santana facsmile on Ervin Santana cards. They continue to put Johan facsmile on Ervin all the way to 2009. This despite they stuck the right autograph sticker on Ervin's autograph cards.

  4. It might be confusing because there was another Johan Santana in the big leagues, but Ervin Santana was also known as 'Johan Santana' early in his professional career so it's not an error or careless goof.