Thursday, July 2, 2020

Free cards from Penny Sleeves

The godfather of the Free Card Friday trade is Jon from Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts. (Jon Pennysleeves - sounds like a Dickens character.) I got a very nice selection of vintage and nearly-vintage cards from him.

Some great vintage here. Romo is an OPC. The Roy Face is my first 1960 Leaf card. Leaf wasn't Canadian at this time. In person the card is kind of glossy, looks like a 1960 photograph, kind of like the Topps deckle edge cards.
 The top row here is all oddballs from 1979. Not truly vintage in my book but still very cool. And no way I could pass up a Tanaka or a Munson.
 I have very few vintage football cards - this is my first from 1970 Topps. Ernie Koy Jr., son of a former major league baseball player, posing at Yankee Stadium with a backdrop familiar from hundres of baseball cards over the years. Fantastic card.


  1. These are really nice cards, the Koy in particular. Jon always sends great stuff.

  2. I had no idea that Ernie's dad had played pro ball, interesting.