Monday, April 15, 2019

Cards from SMR Collectibles

SMR Collectibles is a Long Island-based internet buyer and seller of cards and collectibles. I purchased an enormous collection of modern cards a few years ago, and several vintage lots late last year. By then they had moved into a warehouse space in Farmingdale, which is across the county from where I live in Oceanside, but an area I know well, having lived there for a year more than a decade ago.

I am on their mailing list and saw that they were opening up their warehouse space as a regular card shop, and were giving away a free autographed card to everyone who came in the first week. I didn't think I would be going because they are only open during the week and i work in the city. However, I ended up working from home on Monday. The night before, I agreed to buy a collection from someone else in Farmingdale, and met that person late in the day on Monday. I bought a huge collection (I'll post about it soon) and decided that since I was in town anyway I would swing by SMR to check it out, get the free card and maybe buy something.

Turns out that I was the first person to show up, as they are working on building a local customer base (most of their business is online and at conventions). I talked for a while with Steve, the owner, filling him in on some of what I knew of the local card scene. I also mentioned that the focus of my collection was vintage, particularly lower-end stuff that I could get cheaper. He showed me some beat-up star cards from 1972 and asked if that was the sort of thing I was looking for. Of course, it was. At the end of the conversation Steve just gave me the cards for free, as a thank you for the insight! Very happy to add these to my '72 set, particularly the Clemente.
The free autographed card was a great one too - Doug Glanville, whom I interviewed for this blog almost ten years ago.
I've been a happy customer of theirs before and this only cements it. Whether or not your are in the NY area, I suggest you check out their site.


  1. Thanks for the info about SMR! Next time I visit family/friends on Long Island maybe I'll stop by.

  2. Quite interesting, though I live in the midwest the story of first a new card shop ans secind one of this magnitude is greatvto see. thanks for writing about it.

  3. That's cool being the first official customer. Nice cards too!

  4. Looking forward to seeing these big purchases :)