Sunday, April 14, 2019

$2 street bag

Al brought another box with him from a collection he bought with me. I went through it and pulled about 10 cards, then he said to just take the contents of the box for $2 so he wouldn't have to carry it around. I couldn't refuse. He needed the box but a couple of plastic bags were fine to take the 400 or so cards home. There was a lot of early 80s cards, particularly 82 Donruss, 82 Fleer and 81-84 Topps, if anyone has needs there. Still, about half the box was 90s and a few later cards. Here are a few highlights.
Top row - a couple of press proofs, and a couple of hall-of-famers with interesting photos.
Bottom row - a variety of sets that you don't see often - '04 Donruss, UD Victory, Ultra Gold Medallion and a Gypsy Queen insert.


  1. With a title like "$2 street bag", I thought that this post was gonna be about something completely different :)

  2. I agree with Jon...should have posted this on 4/20!

  3. That Andruw Jones Artist Proof is worth more than the $2 you paid for the entire bag. Awesome purchase!