Monday, April 22, 2019

1981 Topps Jerry Martin

The front: Action shot at Shea Stadium. Martin was 5 for 18 with 2 home runs in five games at Shea in 1980. However, if the on-deck batter is Tim Blackwell, and it certainly looks like his famous mustache, than we can pinpoint this card to not just the game but the at-bat. On April 10 Martin pinch-hit for Carlos Lezcano leading off the seventh inning, doubling to left off of Craig Swan. Blackwell, Larry Biittner and Ivan DeJesus failed to move him over, however, wasting a potential scoring opportunity in the Cubs’ 5-2 loss. Martin would reach base again with one out in the ninth, but Scot Thompson, pinch-hitting for Blackwell, hit into a game-ending double play.

The back: Barney Martin made one big league appearance for the Reds, in 1953. Mike Martin was the fifth overall pick in the 1970 draft, by the Phillies, but never reached higher than AAA.

The player: The Phillies signed Jerry as an undrafted free agent a year after drafting his brother, and three years later he was in the major leagues. In an undistinguished eleven year career, primarily as a platoon outfielder, he hit .251 with 23 HR and 207 RBI.

The man: Martin was one of four KC Royals who spent the 1983-1984 off-season in jail for attempting to buy cocaine. After he was released he was signed by the Mets, whose manager Davey Johnson played with Martin in Philadelphia. After his playing career he went on to a long career as a coach.

My collection: I have 18 of his cards, from 1977 to 1985. I would be interested in trading for 1982 Topps Traded #65.

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  1. The player on deck is #8, Barry Foote. Could be Apr. 13 or July 2. Also, Martin's lifetime stats have him at 85 HR and 345 RBI.