Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Johnny's Vintage Spot

Johnny and I did another vintage trade. We had been working on this trade a few weeks ago, then on the same weekend we bought big vintage collections which expanded this trade quite a bit. Here is what I got:

One '58 and it's a beauty, my first from the famous Sport Magazine All Star subset.
 A trio of '59s. Bill White rookie card is the highlight here. He was a fine ballplayer and beloved Yankees broadcaster for decades.
 Four from 1960, including Yankees star Ralph Terry.
 Jumping a bit to where Johnny had his big purchase, a few dozen '69s. Some big names and some high numbers here.
 Ditto from '71. I love the weirdly cropped Astros team card.
Thanks Johnny!


  1. Looks like you had a successful trade. The Bill White rookie is pretty cool, seems like he's a guy that you don't ever hear about anymore.