Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doug Glanville reveals his favorite card - and his mom's favorite

Doug Glanville, renaissance man (among other things, a rare New York Times writer without a credibility problem) and veteran of over a thousand major league games, kindly responded to my inquiry about his favorite baseball cards. "There is an Upper Deck card from my year in Winston-Salem that I would only want to see as a coaster. Of course, my Mom had a different take on it. Since it was this super zoomed headshot with my helmet half off of my head and where you could see my one filling, my Mom was happy because she could "see my face and my expression." But like any competitive son, I wanted the action shot of me crashing against the wall as I barehanded a fly ball against the wind. Not the picture that should be used at a modeling agency (one that shoots models to promote bad razors at that)." "My favorite card is a Fleer Ultra card. Shiny silvery backdrop with the Phillies. Action shot of me running back for a ball. Big number 6 in the backdrop. I didn't pay that much attention to other players cards since we spent enough time looking through our own cards while we were sifting through fan mail. I don't really collect baseball cards. Although I probably have all of my own cards from the grace of fans over the years. But I think baseball cards are wonderful and a lost art." Thanks!


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