Thursday, April 18, 2019

Some trade bait

Here's some of the highlights of what I have to trade from my latest pickup. Maybe something will interest you?

Four Eisenhower-era Senators, plus a '61 Cliff Cook of the Reds.

 1973. Lots of stars and high-numbers.
 1975. Not many cards, and not in great shape, but none of these are commons, and a lot are Hall-of-Famers.
 Some big names from '76. These cards are in real nice shape too.
The '78s are really good too, almost pack-fresh in most instances.

 The 79s are rougher but still some good names in there.
 The '80s are in good shape.
 Random early 80s Donruss, Topps and Fleer. I just took a photo of the Donrusses, similar player selection for the other brands. Maybe someone other than Tim Wallach Guy needs an '82 Fleer Wallach rookie?
Tons of '98 Score. Mostly commons, there are the three biggest stars.
Lots of other random late 90s-early '00s cards, including a Topps Gold Frank Thomas and a Barry Bonds card from the first year of Heritage.

War and basketball don't fit into my collection, but maybe they fit into yours?


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