Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vintage from Johnny: The 1970s

Breaking up the vintage cards Johnny sent into two posts because there is just too much awesomeness . . .

The biggest chunk of cards that Johnny sent came from the 1975 set, about 75 cards. Lots of photos taken at the Expos spring training field with the big Coca-Cola sign prominently in display.
 Here is an error card for Mike Cuellar.
 This photo reminds me of early-1980s Fleer. George Mitterwald wiping dirt out of his eye. Reminds me of the card of Vance Law cleaning his sunglasses.
 Weird to see Reggie Jackson wearing #9. I did not know that he didn't start wearing #44 until he joined the Yankees.
 What a fantastic group on this card. Well-known baseball veterans (John Roseboro; Jimmie Reese); great names (Winkles, Salty). The "other guy", Tom Morgan, pitched in three World Series for the Yankees and was the pitching coach credited with making Nolan Ryan a star.
 I love '70s team cards. No hats here!
 Great photo here. You can see in the back the fans already starting to jump out of the stands to storm the field.
 Sure, it's a miscut, but it's awesome to get this iconic card.
 Speaking of 1974 Padres cards, here is my first ever "Washington Padres" card.
It's a small set with minimal star power, but I'm amazed I'm down to needing just 12 more cards to complete 1974 Topps Traded. (And I have two more coming in another trade)
 Finally, some big names from the early 1970s.

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