Thursday, April 26, 2018

Vintage from Johnny: 1960s

The older the better. One more post from the great package I got from Johnny's Trading Spot.

Awesome to get another Hall-of-Famer in the '67 set.
 My first Curt Flood card.
 I love the paint sign in the background.
 Oldest card in the package - a 1959 Woody Held.
 Whole bunch from 1960.
 I didn't have any 1961s before (except for one manager card). The design is simple but very nice.
 The photograph really takes center stage - 1961s really look great.
 Someone punched a hole in this one. I don't care - damaged vintage is still awesome.
 Checklist looks great too, with the action shot.
 My first ever 1964s, including Mets Hall-of-Famer Duke Snider. Also a 1965 snuck into the picture.
Thanks Johnny!

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