Tuesday, April 3, 2018

1993 Studio Ken Griffey Jr.

Hobby is cars: Griffey is part owner of Peacock-Griffey Automotive, a luxury car dealership in Orlando.
Favorite sports announcer is Harry Caray: Interesting choice as neither he nor his father played for the Cubs (or White Sox, in Dad’s case), and he isn’t from Chicago.
Favorite player as a kid was his father, Ken Griffey Sr.: Lots of players have gotten to play with their favorite player as a kid, but this one was extra-special, of course.
Most prized possession is his F-40 Ferrari: Griffey later sold that most prized possession to Reggie Jackson, another noted car collector.
Might have been a marathon runner if he hadn’t been a baseball player: He does not seem to have pursued distance running.
Where he is now: Still heavily focused on cars, as can be seen on his Instagram.

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