Wednesday, April 11, 2018

1968 Topps: Looking closer

Still going through all my new (old) cards . . .

There were quite a few cards where the player appears to be looking into the sun. I guess the photographer though squinting was a good look?
 I like the TV theme on the World Series subsets.
 This year the team sets mostly had the backgrounds visible. This Braves card is not as interesting as last year's Braves card. I hadn't noticed the little person on the last card, but I did here. It is Donald Davidson, the 4-foot-tall traveling secretary who started working for the team at ten years old as a batboy, and was the only person to work for the team in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta. You can read more about him here and here.
 For some reason the Dodgers are the only team with a monochrome background. This must be one of the bluest card photos of all time.
 Jack Aker in a scene of typical 1960s suburbia. Looks like the backyard of a Levitt house. Today there would be an extension on the house and a lot more trees.

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