Monday, April 30, 2018

1993 Studio Leo Gomez

Favorite sports announcer is Davey Lopes: Cal Ripken also listed Lopes as his favorite. Lopes was the Orioles first base coach at the time. I find nothing online to indicate that Lopes was an announcer.

Favorite player as a kid was Reggie Jackson: Popular choice for someone his age.

Most prized possession is his Bible: Second straight card with this answer.

Might have been a preacher if he hadn’t been an athlete: Seems like religion was serious for Gomez.

His pet peeve is discrimination: A more socially-conscious answer to this question than what you usually see.

Where he is now: He was managing in the Orioles organization in 2011 when he was interviewed by The Greatest 21 Days. Not sure where he is now.

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