Thursday, April 12, 2018

I still like new cards

Just because I am jumping into this whole vintage thing doesn't mean I've stopped collecting newer cards. Yesterday I got my first cards from 2018 - the entire 2018 Topps Opening Day set, courtesy of the 2018 Topps Opening Day Blog.

The photography is one of the biggest differences from 1968. All action shots. Timely to get Judge in Fenway Park.
 A lot of the photos look like they were taken from the stands. Probably cheaper to get a photo from a fan rather than from a professional photographer.
 There are still plenty of photos that give a sense of the player's personality, just like in the old days.
 Matt kindly threw in a bunch of random Yankees as well, including Didi Gregorioius's first card as a Yankee.

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  1. This years Topps design is okay even without borders, it's the best they've done in years. LMK when you have a want list for any of those vintage sets