Wednesday, April 4, 2018

1993 Studio Orestes Destrade

Hobbies are basketball, reading and movies: Destrade played both baseball and basketball as a youth.
Favorite sports announcers are Al Michaels and Milo Hamilton: Hamilton was a Cubs announcer; growing up in Miami perhaps Destrade saw him on WGN.
Favorite players as a kid were Tony Perez and Reggie Jackson: Perez would be a natural hero to a young Cuban-American in the 1970s, and Reggie was just such a huge star.
Might have been a sports broadcaster if he hadn’t been an athlete: This is one of the few that actually came true – Destrade is now an announcer for the Rays.
Pet peeve is losing: The perfect answer to this question.
Where he is now: In addition to broadcasting, Destrade is the Rays’ Director of Baseball & Community Outreach.

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