Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just to be clear from my "Little Dawgs" post the other day, I'm not so much interested in collecting the specific "Little Dawgs" set from Skybox, but in players who would in general be considered "Little Dawgs," who had just a quick cup of coffee in the major leagues. People like Jose Munoz, whose entire career consisted of 27 at bats with the White Sox in 1996, wearing the number 71.

This card came in a little surprise package of cards I got this week from SpastikMooss. It was entitled "Specs'd!" because most of the cards featured players wearing flip-top specs, like in this picture.

The coolest card by far, however, was this non-specs'd autographed Bob Davis card. The front of the card, with the Jim Rockford look-alike in sepia tones is cool.

The back is even cooler - the 1977 San Diego Padres schedule. Check out those ticket prices! I'll enjoy looking up some of these games to see who the star of the game was on for example, English Leather Cologne Jacket Night. That will make some fun posts this week.

Thanks, SpastikMooss!

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  1. I knew you'd like the Davis! I saw the wacky schedule details combined with the auto and knew it'd be in your hands one day.