Thursday, March 18, 2010

George Lombard on baseball cards

George Lombard played professional baseball from 1994-2009, playing parts of six seasons in the major leagues for Atlanta, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Washington. After finishing out his career last year with the Long Island Ducks and Columbus Clippers, he begins his coaching career this year with the Lowell Spinners in the Red Sox organization. He kindly took the time to reply to me with his thoughts on baseball cards.

"I can't say I have a favorite baseball card. I had some fun doing a couple of the cards. One of them we set up to look like I was making a catch to bring back a home run when I was with the Braves. It was really just a catch from about 10 feet.
I also like one of the action shots taken when I played in Detroit.

I was just happy to have one baseball card and excited they shot a few more. Pretty cool to show my two boys. I never collected any baseball cards when I was young. Too busy playing sports."


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