Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Define: The Game

How do you define "the game"? This is how Upper Deck did in 1998:

Define: the Game (Mark McGwire) 1b: Raw strength and power. It's those two attributes that bring fans to batting practice just to see McGwire blast his prodigious drives. During the game, the question about his next round-tripper is not if, or even when, but how far the ball will go when it happens.
by Mike Chaldu, copy editor, baseball.

I think Mike Chaldu needs to better define the word "define", because that's not a definition, just a random blurb about Mark McGwire. Unless McGwire decides to be like Triple H and call himself "The Game."

And who is Mike Chaldu? I couldn't find anything in a quick google search. It's certainly unusual to see a byline on baseball card text.

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  1. Looks like Mr. Chaldu had some connection to the San Diego Union-Tribune up to '95 or so.
    Oh, and it was about that time that McGwire might have just fit right in on the wrestling circuit.