Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baseball card stories from Mike Huff

Mike Huff played seven years in the big leagues for the Dodgers, Indians, White Sox and Blue Jays. He is now Vice President of Sports at the Chicago Bulls/White Sox Training Academy in Lisle, IL. He kindly shared with me his stories about baseball cards.

"Only two stories I recall about my baseball cards, first is that when I got my first call-up to the big leagues with the Dodgers, it was almost anticlimactic in that it was so brief the it felt more like a dream. Upon heading home in the off-season, I received a letter in the mail from a Dodger fan asking me to sign my card and mail it back. This was the first time I saw my first baseball card (Topps Rookie) and that was when I knew I was a major leaguer and had accomplished something very special and unique.
The other story is getting teased by teammates who saw on the back of one of my White Sox cards, I was described as one of the most polite players, calling other players Sir or Mr. Needless to say, I got a lot of ribbing for this.
Second question regarding favorite card, probably the Topps error that says I play for the Red Sox, while in a White Sox uniform. Second would be one of the cards from the Blue Jays showing me running in the outfield.
Third question regarding do I collect baseball cards, the answer is no. I grew up in a sports family but with very little money and went from baseball, to soccer, to football, to basketball, back to baseball so I never had one true favorite sport. If I did, it probably would have been basketball as my father played this sport in college and was a four year letterman."

Thanks! I couldn't figure out which Topps card lists him as a Red Sox instead of a White Sox. Do any of you readers (maybe Steve from White Sox Cards) know?

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