Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first 2010 cards

After seeing the news on the blogs on Thursday about how Upper Deck settled their lawsuit with MLB and wouldn't be shipping any more cards, I realized I would have to hurry up and grab some before they were gone. I went to the Kmart in Penn Station after work and found the one last 2010 Upper Deck they had, an 80-count box. I also picked up a rack pack of Topps.

I guess the economy is hitting both companies hard, because they used noticeably thinner card stock. I liked the Upper Deck design but found the Topps design a little cheap looking, like someone just cobbled it together in Photoshop in twenty minutes.

I see some of the other blogs whining about how the Yankees are overrepresented. That certainly wasn't the case with my packs, and this was bought in New York.

1 and 1/3 Yankees out of 36 in Topps.

Teixeira and Pena both hit 39 home runs. I was at the game on Labor Day at Yankee Stadium when Pena got hit by a pitch, ending his season.. Bay and Toronto's Aaron Hill both hit 36, but Hill got snubbed by Topps.

Three Yankees out of 80 in Upper Deck. (compared to seven "Oaklands" and five "Seattles")

I saw that game on YES when Alex hit that home run, that was awesome.

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