Sunday, March 28, 2010

Predictions: AL West

1. Angels - They're maybe a little weaker than last year, but still significantly better than either of the two other contenders in the West.

2. Mariners - They have too very good starting pitchers, which is a great asset to build a team around. Unfortunately, there's just not enough team around Hernandez and Lee to make this a truly dangerous team.

3. Rangers - Promising young pitchers + Nolan Ryan riding them like it's the 1970s + the Texas heat = a bunch of needlessly burned-out arms. I think the Rangers' decision not to build a dome, unlike Houston and Arizona, will haunt this franchise for decades. That Texas heat has swallowed up dozens of promising Rangers teams already.

4. Athletics - Their roster looks like a Class AAA team. Some promising youngsters mixed with some major league castoffs.