Monday, March 15, 2010

Fireworks from KGB and Dave Kingman

Another intriguing date from the 1977 Padres schedule was April 29 against the Mets, listed as "KGB Sky Show." What was this? A Cold War-era show of strength from the Soviet Union? An advertisement from a company that answered your questions via rotary phones? Nope, it turns out that KGB is a radio station in San Diego and, according to their website, have hosted a fireworks show called the KGB Sky Show since 1979. (Well, at least two years earlier than that!)

I don't know if the KGB fireworks came before the game or after, but during the game the fireworks were provided by Dave Kingman, who hit two 3-run home runs in the Mets 9-2 win. The Padres must have been impressed, because they traded for him six weeks later. After hitting 11 home runs for the Padres in 56 games, he was waived by San Diego and signed by California. In mid-September, the Angels waived him and he was picked up by the Yankees, becoming the only player to play in four divisions in one season. Appropriately enough, his 1978 Topps card features him on none of his four 1977 teams but on the Chicago Cubs, with whom he signed as a free agent after the season.


  1. He was also the only player to hit home runs in all four divisions

  2. Not in a real Cubs uni though. Just an airbrushed one. Maybe from the Mets days?

  3. The San Diego Chicken mascot was originally called The KGB Chicken before he got "famous."