Thursday, May 30, 2024

Vintage star cards roundup

These posts are getting more and more spaced out, as it takes longer for enough cards to fill them. Most of the my vintage eBay pickups are coming from those weekly low-grade auctions from Greg Morris. Of the last four weeks, in three of them I've come away with very few cards, one with the most I've won in any of them. There's no predicting it which I guess is part of the fun.

The silver lining about not winning a lot of cards is not paying so much. Of course the good thing about these auctions is that the cards are usually on the cheap side to begin with. This was three weeks ago, I think my smallest winning yet:


The following week picked up a little bit, highlighted by the 1939 Play Ball Al Schacht, an all-time great card I'd seen on some other blogs. I paid a little more for that one and was glad to.


Then last week I had my biggest winnings by volume, though fortunately not by price as it was mostly dollar-ish commons. I broke this one out into several pictures. Starting out with some Topps star cards. The biggest stars, Aaron/Mays/Clemente etc, always go to high, but I can usually snag some of those second-tier stars - McCovey, Drysdale, Kaline, Robinson, Mathews etc.


I picked up nine cheap commons from the middle series of 1957 Topps, which was short-printed. 


Oddballs! Ted Williams in a hospital bed reading a book about fishing is a really fun one. 1960 Leaf is surprisingly charming for a set where the photos are just black-and-white head shots.


A few Bowman additions. The '55 Minoso is another blogger favorite.

Finally, two sets I'd never seen in person before. Two Yankees from the 1952 Berk Ross set. They are a little murky but the photos are as good or better than what Topps and Bowman were putting out. And a 1941 Double Play! Two players on one card goes against the grain for a collector, but the photos look really good in person.

Otherwise, just a few other vintage eBay pickups these past few weeks. I did manage to find that rarity, a vintage need for a quarter. It's a sunset card of a four-time All Star, not bad for a "common".

Another first for me, four from 1961 Nu-Card Scoops. The price was enough to satisfy my curiosity about this set. It's OK but I probably won't go out of my way to get a lot more.
The Duke of Flatbush! Or, rather, The Duke of LA by this time.
Last but certainly not least, a very cheerful Willie Mays on a surprisingly cheap 1962 card.


  1. Love that Mays! Joe Ginsberg (I can understand why he didn't go by "Myron"!) is in pretty good company up there.

  2. some great vintage. As for Ted Williams and fishing. He didn't live far from my first house (I built). a buddy of mine actually put in a putting green for him and his (Ted's) "handler" said to him don't speak to him unless he speaks to you first, and under no circumstance do you ask him about baseball, but fishing and he'll talk to you all day.

  3. Some really nice vintage here. Never seen one of those Double Play cards. And that Mays is awesome!

  4. I got my copy of that Al Schacht from GM a few years ago too. It really is a great card, and in my opinion is the best looking card from that particular Play Ball set.