Saturday, May 25, 2024

Big OPC star lot

I got very lucky with this lot. 61 cards for about 30 cents a card. All stars and Hall of Famers. Some big ones as you will see. Some trade bait in here too. I find that any extra vintage OPC I come across goes quickly.

Starting off with the most recent cards here, all star pitchers, three of whom appear on two different cards. I already had a '79 Tiant so that is available, as are the extra '83 Tiant and 85 Fingers.

1978 was the most represented in the lot. These are some of the cards. Two Roy Hartsfield's so one is available.
Look at all of these league leaders! League leaders was certainly a theme in this lot, but nowhere more so than in '78. There's an extra #1, two extra #6's (Nolan Ryan!) and an extra #7.
Some big star power in 1977. In some of these photos I flipped a card so you could see it was OPC. I already had the league leader card so that's another available Ryan.
Some big star power in '75, including my first OPC of the MVP subset. And an extra Matty Alou to trade.
Some big stars in '72 as well. This more than doubles my meager '72 set. The one card I had already was the one card that was in here twice, Killer Killebrew.
1971 has a solid gruop. I already had Piniella so that's available.
Not flipping these over anymore because the fronts are so good, even if the same as Topps. The '70 Campaneris is the oldest trade bait available. I liked lining up the two Gibsons. McCovey/Allen/Banks is a great get too.
Finally, here is the amazing part of the deal. My second-ever 1968 OPC is a league leader card with Roberto Clemente. There's a 1966 Whitey Ford which is fantastic, then 1965 knocks it out of the park with a second-year Tommy John (I don't even have that card in Topps form), a Juan Marichal, and best of all the AL Home Run Leaders card with Mickey Mantle! I think the seller hurt themselves by only showing the fronts of the cards, but I gambled they were all OPC backs and got quite lucky. These really beef up my early OPC sets.


  1. Lots of great stuff. I might need that '85 Fingers for my OPC set.

  2. That's good stuff. Of course I'm interested in that '79 Tiant.

  3. So much O-Pee-Chee goodness, and at such good value! Those 1965s are my favorites of the bunch.