Wednesday, May 15, 2024

TCDB/OBC roundup

Been almost a month since I've done one of these. Small trade volume has been a little lower recently, I guess.


Four from 1983, from Ken Goetsch.

And separately sent me 50 1982 Topps football cards!  Lots of stars here. Part I . . .
. . . Part II.
Ten vintage baseball from Dan Williams highlighted by a giant card of tiny Albie Pearson.
Some 1980's stickers and a card from Michael Salinsky.
Some 1960 from Dave Toback.
Chris Kodl sent some high-numbered gum cards and some great cake cards too. My favorite is the George Hendrick card with the unique jacket he is wearing.

This fine trio came from Brian Lindholme.

 On to TCDB, Nozzlemaster sent these three cards. Groom was actually a mistake . . .

. . . which he quickly corrected by sending the correct card, Barry Manuel, to complete my 1991 Line Drive AA set!


Finally, nine vintage Pirates cards from cwpetro!