Friday, May 17, 2024

Equipment: 1990 Topps

Mark Portugal's glove has his nickname "Porch".

Dave Johnson's glove has "DJ". 

Tom Pagnozzi is "Pag".

Dave Clark, #12, poses with two bats. This photo was probably from 1988, not 1989, as Clark switched to #25 during the '88 season. Assuming this is 1988, the bat with the #15 would have belonged to Ron Washington. (Pitcher Neil Allen wore the number in 1989.) 

Here's an odd one. Brad Komminsk is wearing #45 but appears to be using a #66 bat during a game. #66 was assigned to September call-up Mark Higgins. This might be a long shot but: On September 24, Cleveland hosted the Angels in a day game, with Komminsk and Higgins batting eighth and ninth. (Both went 0-2 with a walk in the game, a 5-4 Indians victory.) Perhaps Komminsk picked up Higgins's bat in the on deck circle? 

Carmelo Castillo wore #8 for Cleveland from 1983 to 1988. He was traded to the Twins near the end of 1989 spring training. Gary Gaetti wore #8 for Minnesota so Castillo switched to #22. I assume this photo was taken very shortly after the trade, before Castillo got new bats.

Pat Sheridan, #25, is holding the bat of #17, Kirt Manwaring. Sheridan had never worn #17 at this point in his career; two years later he was #17 for the Yankees.

Eric Hetzel's glove has #26. Wade Boggs wore #26 for Boston so I am guessing that was Hetzel's minor league number. He wore #31 when he made his major league debut in 1989.

Rick Wrona is holding a bat with #5 on it. #5 on the Cubs was coach Chuck Cottier. Wrona wore #1 for the Cubs.

Finally, there's Steve Cummings, who has maybe the most ambiguous glove of all time. It's just labelled "MINE".

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