Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Weird mixed lot

 I picked up this weird little lot for $7 on eBay. Not my best purchase but I did all right, especially if I can trigger some trades. Five different sports, and some unusual stuff.

I'd never even seen a boxing card before, but now I own one. Happy to trade it though. Any boxing collectors?

Three hockey cards. An O-Pee-Chee, a Topps and a Topps Chrome. All up for trade.
Some basketball, all for trade.
Three football keepers, including two Giants. I'd never seen a foil version of that Pacific design before. They also had a baseball set in that design.
Three baseball oddballs. The Frank Thomas promo card is a facsimile autograph. The Dustin Pedroia is not a regular Chrome card; it is a special stamped version for The National. I already had the SSPC Frank Robinson so that is available for trade.

1988 Vancouver Canadians, AAA White Sox Team. I really like the 1988 ProCards design with the gold color and sans serif font. Every photo in the set looks pretty much the same, though. Big names in the set are Greg Hibbard, Ron Karkovice, and Mike Yastrzemski, whose father was a Hall-of-Famer and whose son is an up-and-coming star for the Giants.

Finally, these are the reason I purchased the lot. 1986 Palm Springs Angels Smokey Bear minor league cards. I love minor league oddballs like these. I didn't realize there would be so much duplication, though. Hopefully some of you enjoy cards like these too, as the dupes are available for trade. Do note that they are a little larger than standard size (too big to fit in a standard page/sleeve) and are not in mint condition. Still, they are fun and unique cards. The biggest name is Bryan Price, now manager of the Reds.


  1. That's a very diverse lot of cards, but you got some cool stuff in there!

  2. Smokey in all the pics, that's cool. Bet that guy was sweating his fur off by the day's end.

  3. I wouldn't classify myself as a boxing collector... but I have built a small collection of guys I watched back in the 80's and 90's... as well as a couple of my father's favorite boxers.

  4. The design on those Angels cards is really great.