Friday, June 4, 2021

1963 White Sox Scorebook

 Here's the oldest publication in Johnny's great package, and so the last in the series. Too hard to pick one favorite but this is right up there for sure.

Under the old-school Hamm's Beer ad, back when they still used a cartoon bear to advertise beer, the White Sox clip-and-fold schedule has 43 games on TV (WGN). Also check out the action photo with Twins pitcher Camilo Pascual attempting to beat out a hit.

I think of restaurants in ballparks as a modern thing, but there were two Rudie's Steak Houses in White Sox Park. Yes, White Sox Park - the team changed the name of the Stadium from Comiskey Park to White Sox Park in 1962, then changed it back in 1976. I also love the Hill and Hill ad with Frankie Frisch, because he was a ballplayer from such a different age. He was 65 years old at the time and passed away in 1973.
7 Up ad, plus a nice shot of new White Sox pitcher Jim Brosnan.
A great look at the famous White Sox Park scoreboard.
The owner kept score. There was also an index card in the book noting that this was Game 1 of a doubleheader on August 18, 1963, won by Ralph Terry and the Yankees 8-2. Hector Lopez hit a home run; Tom Tresh and Joe Pepitone also got big RBI hits. The Yankees also won the second game, 8-4. Jim Bouton got the win in that game as Elston Howard homered and Bobby Richardson and Joe Pepitone got some big RBI hits.
There were a lot of infrastructure improvements across the US in the early 60s, such as the brand new Dan Ryan Expressway, Chicago Skyway and Indiana Toll Road.
Pause for Coke! That's Ray Herbert and Jim Landis in the photo.
Now it's Pepsi for those who think young! The article advertises a trip to New York to coincide with the White Sox visiting the Yankees, with tours of the city during the day and tickets to the game each night. The guests would stay at the Hotel Roosevelt along with the White Sox.
Buy White Sox tickets at Sears! Photo of Sox pitcher Johnny Buzhardt.
Another cool action photo, with Nellie Fox sliding past Yogi Berra. But check out the photos for Teenage Night, including pitcher Mike Joyce, 22 years old, dancing with one of the teenagers.
Here's the back cover. You may have noticed most of the ads featured alphanumeric phone numbers. This was one of the first with an all-numeric number.
There weren't any other "articles" beyond what I showed here, just bits of trivia and the like. Some other advertisers, besides lots of local businesses, included Ford (McDormick Place Motors, Buy Brand New 1963 Fords at '62 Prices - at this time of year they must have been clearing out stock getting ready for the '64s); Motorola (Now Play FM Through Your Car Radio); Cities Service gas, and several major cigarette brands.