Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Trade with Card Hemorrhage

 Got a bunch of cards in a recent trade with Card Hemorrhage

The bulk of the trade was set needs for 2021 Topps. I picked out some of my favorite photos from the group. There's also a shiny card in there (Jake Bauers, who the Indians just traded away).

Jay called these cards "charmers". Not sure how charming Topps Chrome is, but I needed the cards so they are appreciated. The two on the top left appear to be refractor-type cards.
Vintage needs! Now these are charming. I believe that is Gary Gentry in the background of the Sadecki card. Ray Lamb is a '71 high number.

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  1. I’m WAY behind in my card blog reading and just caught up to this one, Bo. Glad it all arrived safely and that there were some needs in there…!