Tuesday, June 1, 2021

1976 Yankees Program

 Needless to say I really enjoyed this one. I actually used to have a 1976 or 1977 program from a game my dad went to - I don't know where that is now. Maybe he still has it. A lot of what was in here was similar to that one.

Yankee Stadium was brand new in 1976. Also, you can stalk the Yankee scouts at their home address.
Jack in the Box used to be all over the New York area; they pulled out of the region in the late 1970s/early 1980s. I don't remember ever eating there myself.
I enjoyed this listing of NY-area appliance stores.
Nine out of ten New York Life agents use fully numeric phone numbers because they know it's not the 1960s anymore. Joseph J. Gerritse, however, refused to change.
Interesting article on the origins of the Yankees logo. This is one I remember from the other program.
So many 1970s stereotypes rolled into one ad.
Cool old-school Pepsi-Cola ad.
Some interesting tidbits in the Yankee News & Notes. In 1976, the Yankees were pioneering the use of hitting and pitching coaches at all minor league levels, scouting in Curacao, and equipping each locker with mirrors and electrical outlets for hair dryer use.
Stalk the Yankees on the road!
I included this page solely for the Hank Aaron as a Brewer photo.
The owner of the book kept score, so we can figure out the game. Well, at least he got as far as writing in the lineups. It's May 23, 1976. The Yankees lost to Boston, 7-6.  A Jim Rice home run in the 7th gave the Red Sox the lead for good.
Another NY-area store listing.
Lots of AMC ads in this book. My family's car was a '77 AMC Hornet until the late 1980s, after AMC (except for Jeep) had gone out of business.
I recognized that photo from the '67 Old Timers Game instantly - it was in one of those ASA sets I had recently purchased!
An all-time great announcing team. Frank Messer was a bit before my time (what a great voice, though), but Phil Rizzuto and Bill White were my first announcing team growing up. The Yankees televised 72 games in 1976, including this one.

Finally, some more great photos of players out of uniform. Lou Piniella, Roy White and Elston Howard in these photos.

Also in this program: No long articles but lots of one-pagers on topics like: Manager Billy Martin, the Yankees coaches, the original Yankee Stadium opener in 1923; trainer Gene Monahan; a would-be batboy; the American League's first season in 1901; the new Yankee scoreboard; the All Star Game; the Baseball Hall of Fame. Other notable ads include the Navy, Miller Beer, Walsh Construction (construction manager for the new Stadium), Toyota, Manufacturers Hanover, Polly-O, Datsun, Getty, the Marines, and the book Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio by Maury Allen.


  1. Evans, Lynn, Fisk, Rice, and Yaz. Wowza.

  2. That Pepsi and cheeseburger looked really good.

  3. I used to go to my grandmother's every Saturday or Sunday and we'd watch White, Messer and Rizzuto and the Yankees on WPIX or Nelson, Kiner and Murphy and the Mets on WOR.

    I still think of those pairings as THE broadcasters for the Yankees and the Mets.