Thursday, June 24, 2021

Some recent ebay pickups

 Are prices on vintage cards going down a bit? Seems like they might be. Let's hope so. Here are three random lots I picked up for very low prices. None of these are vintage baseball cards though.

I've got pretty much every junkwax era set complete or very close to it, but I somehow still need a ton of '91 Bowman. I picked up this lot of cards for a nickel each. Some big stars but the best card is definitely that Aaron Holbert rookie.

Here are the cards I already had, so up for trade. Highlights include Don Mattingly and rookie cards of Carl Everett and Kenny Lofton.

My brief madness for vintage football cards is largely past, but I still look for old Giants cards once in a while. I picked up this four-card lot for a dollar, mostly because of the great action card with Doug Kotar. The quarterback is Jim Del Gaizo, who played in four games for the team, the blocking back is Joe Dawkins. Those were some bad football teams.

Why yes I did get some more matchbooks. Who is this pervert and who are the "Brownies" he's spying on?

Why, it's the St. Louis Browns!

Some other cool matchbooks I picked up recently. Matchbook collecting societies sometimes print up their own matchbooks; such is the case for the Eli Manning one. The Cardinals matchbooks is from the Lou Brock Sports Shop in Lambert International Airport. I picked up the Queen Elizabeth matchbook because I thought it was cool to have a matchbook from 1953 and the person on it was still alive. This has got to be my oldest matchbook where the person on it is still alive.

For fun, I figured out that the oldest baseball card I have of a living player is this 1951 Bowman Johnny Groth. Groth was born two months after Elizabeth in 1926. 

I never get extras when I buy baseball cards on eBay. However, one of the matchbook lots came with a couple of vintage postcards thrown in. They're pretty cool but I'm open to trading them for baseball cards if someone would like them. Rockingham Race Track in Salem, NH operated from 1909 to 2009. It was torn down in 2017. The El Jebel Mosque in Denver is not an Islamic house of worship, but a meeting hall for Shriners, who sometimes called their halls mosques (Shriner rituals often have an Arabic theme). Built in 1907, it was sold in 1995 to a real estate developer who converted it into a convention/banquet hall. It is currently unoccupied.


  1. I'm still skeptical of that guy, because I don't think the Browns were ever really worth watching.

  2. Kotar was originally signed by the Steelers, who won four Super Bowls during his career.

  3. That peeping thing gave me a nice chuckle to start my day off.

  4. Eli Manning always looks like such a goober!