Monday, October 19, 2020

My "biggest" time travel trade yet

 Diamond Jesters' regular time-travel trading series had a really interesting addition this week. I actually waited a day in case someone would have a better offer, as I didn't have anything really great to trade, but no one else seemed to want them, so I scrounged up my oldest cards for trade plus a few "newer" vintage stars, and got these in return from Matt.

This was the easy part, three standard vintage cards I needed. I really love the Burdette/Shantz card. Burdette had eight inches on the 5-6 Shantz. 

These were the big draw though. Three 5 x 7 Yankee photo cards, issued by Jay Publishing in 1963. Like the '30s Diamond matchbooks, these are in Beckett and the TCDB, so I'm happy to consider them part of my baseball card collection.
Here's Ford next to one of the cards, to give you a sense of size. In hand they are similar to magazine pages, thin and not shiny, but with a crisp and clear photo that would look great in a frame.

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  1. Like I said in my comments, I had a gut feeling you would be the one to end up with those Yankees!