Sunday, April 5, 2020

PWE stuffing champion

What's the most items you've ever fit into a PWE? 10? 20? I got a PWE from Tom of The Angels, In Order with 85 items, and without even needing any extra postage! That's because those items were 85 1982 Fleer Stamps. Light in weight, heavy in fun early '80s Fleer photography. Like the Fleer stickers, I consider these as cards in my collection. Here are some highlights.

Lots of star power, big hair, and big mustaches.
 Who is the mystery Phillie taking a whack at Manny Trillo's head?
 The multi-player combo cards are the best.
Thanks Tom!


  1. I know that I kinda took a chance, but I tried to evenly distribute them inside the PWE so it would get through the machine. Glad it worked and that you like them!

  2. 85 has to be a record. Nice job Tom!

  3. Those are awesome! Are they the size of a typical postage stamp?

  4. Nice stamps I have some extras from other years if needed

  5. great stuff! i was a little jealous there for a sec. I like to think my 18 card PWEs are special. ;)