Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Phil Niekro (?) shares his favorite card

This morning I passed by Stop 'n Shop near the end of Senior Hour and I saw an old man come out who looked kind of familiar. He did have a big mask on his mouth and nose, but with the white hair I thought maybe it was Phil Niekro? As he hurried to his car with his cart full of groceries, I stopped and asked him what his favorite card was. It was hard to tell with his voice muffled by his mask, but I think he said

"My 1988 Score card - a dignified capper to a distinguished career, a wonderful reminder that I was able to spend twenty-five years in the major leagues."
Or maybe it was
"Get out of my way, jerk, before you give me the COVID!"

It was hard to tell with the mask.


  1. or maybe he offered you a knuckle sandwich??

  2. Love these deep dives with former players, great content as always, Bo!

  3. Phil (allegedly) does have a reputation for being impatient with people who interfere with his grocery shopping (but only at Shop 'n Stop). :)