Thursday, November 14, 2019

Wallet Card in Stamford, CT

Last week I had to go to Stamford, CT for work. Stamford is a small city about an hour away from NYC. I was able to take photos of a couple of great old signs while I was there. These two buildings are actually diagonally across from each other on Pacific Street.

This sign says Schleicher & Sons - Player Pianos - High Grade. Schliecher & Sons was founded in 1866 and went bankrupt in 1914, so this has been a "ghost sign" for more than 100 years.
 Less is known about South End Cash Grocery, but it appears to have operated in the 1910s as well. There is also a sign for Gold Medal Flour here, in better shape than the one on Long Island I showed last year.


  1. That's a well-traveled wallet card, eh?

  2. That ghost sign sure looks good for it's age!

  3. Nice to see the Schleicher & Sons signage had held up so well. My cousin works in Stamford but I've never been anywhere in town except to shop at the mall a while back.